Suite from 'Independence Day', David Arnold, arr. Sandy Smith (Black Dyke plays Greatest Movie Hits, vol. 2)

In these anxious times, what better way to chill out at home than with a film involving the earth's population nearly being annihilated? To defend us we have Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum: both world specialists in their respective fields of flying jet planes and blowing things up and, ahem, viruses. The plot may be far-fetched and the characterisation waffer-thin, but there are two main things to enjoy in this film: the duration and quality of the explosions and the soaring orchestral sweep of David Arnold’s soundtrack. The latter translates superbly to a more brassy medium in this arrangement by Black Dyke horn legend and Mike Oldfield enthusiast Sandy Smith. After a typically understated Hollywood opening the music moves into a more reflective mood with a clear thematic nod by Mr. Arnold to that seminal work 120 Hymns for Brass Band. Then, following a strangled tenor horn motif, the bass trombone really gets down to business to thunderous brass band accompaniment. Just when all hope seems lost, step forward the heroes of liberation, led by the back row cornets, obvs. Tears of joy, children’s choirs, ticker tape parades, a gratuitous DC al coda, and we’re done. God bless murrrica, Mr. President.