I was recently thinking back to last Christmas, when there was perhaps a little bit more activity than this Christmas!

It was my first Christmas in the band and it was just so much fun. I loved playing at the concert in the church and I was really thrilled that a friend and my brother both came and enjoyed it. My brother especially loves Queen so he really enjoyed our rendition of "Fat Bottomed Girls". He came to the pub afterwards and is still commenting on what a lovely evening it was. Everyone made him feel so welcome. 

For me it was a really exciting first and I felt that I had possibly achieved progress when Jack K, who sits next to me, did not have to tap on the end of my mute quite so often to remind me to take it out. It was Jack’s birthday too, so it was great that we could celebrate with him.

It was lovely to play carols outside our practice venue. I think we maybe got to cheer up some preoccupied city workers (which can only be a good thing!) and people of all ages stopped to enjoy our music and sing along. Everyone’s Christmas outfits were really impressive but I think perhaps the Christmas outfit prize has to go to Sean for true perseverance with his Snowman costume in the Christmas concert!

We got invited to play carols on the edge of the Thames down near Greenwich. The wind was blowing up from the river right onto us, so as we battled the elements it was a wonderful team strengthening activity as well as fun to make some great Christmas sounds together.

I thought that was it for the holidays but how wrong could I be…. All these events were crowned by the lovely New Year’s Eve Party at Martin’s.

Lots of happy memories of a really special group and I can’t wait to be back playing with you all. I guess we have to treasure our memories, including these Christmas and New Year ones until we are all able to meet again. 

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and peaceful Christmas and New Year!

Love from Lindsay X

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